Working the Levy

Members of FGWSC will be given the choice to work their levy a £200 addition to their fees.  This will be paid hourly.  A total of 20 hours per annum will be required to cover the cost of the levy.  This is the equivalent to £10 per hour.  Should they not decide to do so they will receive levy charge on their fees invoice and should be paid along with all other fees.

Management Commitee
April 2016

List of current Vacancies:

John Forrest - Grease machines and oil level.
Terry Office - Joinery on Bisco
Paul Dunn - Painting joiners shed.
Dean Scrafton - Weed killer, round site.
Bruce Sinclaire - Painting Bisco.
Jim & Paddy - Mark little slipway, lower yard tidy.
Bill White, John - Keeping round club house tidy.
Bill Crompton - Working on club yacht 
John Twine, Chris Stedman - Cleaning top yard.
Steve Harkness - Grass strimming.
David Talbot - Trimming trees round the site.
Ken Brown - Crane driver.
Paul Nicholson - Dave Egg Steel Fabrication

Vacant - Barge electrics
Colin Milne - Keep joiners shed & machinery in order.
Vacant - Pump club boats out & keep pontoon tidy.
Vacant - 2 peaple needed to paint and tidy the bardge.
Vacant - Power washing round club house & yard.
Vacant - Picnic tables to paint.
Vacant - Treds to fabricated and fitted to gangway.
Ian Mullen - Cladding work shop roof.
Vacant - 2 peaple needed to paint Gantry.
Kasia Bobrzak - Promote club/website, social media.
Dan Dowlning - sourcing grants and funding.
Ian Robertson - Environmental consultant

Management Commitee
April 2016