Friar's Goose Club's Notices






The Treasurer

Members of FGWSC will be given the choice to work their levy a £200 addition to their fees.  This will be paid hourly.  A total of 20 hours per annum will be required to cover the cost of the levy.  This is the equivalent to £10 per hour.

Should they not decide to do so they will receive levy charge on their fees invoice and should be paid along with all other fees.

Click the link for current vacancies:


The Treasurer

In order to work the clubs levy the members are encourage to take up some of the vacant positions, which are still available to choose from.  

The jobs required to be done are: Barge electrics, pump club boats out & keep pontoon tidy, 2 position to paint and tidy barge, power washing round club house & yard, picnic tables to paint, treds to fabricated & fitted to gangway, 2 positions to paint gantry.


The Treasurer

Annual General Meeting will take place 25th May 2016 at Friars Goose Club 19.30 pm. Chairman will address matters, yard and mooring reports, accounts, rule changes, future retirements and he will introduce the new officers and the committee.


The Treasurer

Due to damaged hosepipe supplied by the club, members are now required to supply their own to use on vessel. This includes fittings. Also, the red hosepipe should remain attached to the water supply of the hot pressure washer and should not be removed.


The Treasurer

Membership fees for 2016/2017 will be collected on 12th March (Sat), 19th March (Sat) and 26th March (Sat) between 11.30am and 14.00pm.


The Treasurer

We encourage you to pay your Port of Tyne fees through the Club.  It is only £41. Paying individually to the Port it is £59.  So get your discount from the Friars Goose Club.


The Treasurer

Friars Goose Clubhouse is available for hire and social events. To arrange the event please contact the Club for further details.


The Treasurer

As from now on ferro cement boats will be taken by the Friars Goose Boatyard.  Wooden boats can be taken subject to the boat inspection.