The Membership and the Services Fees 2019-2020

Full Membership Fee (one off payment on joining FGWSC) - £300
Full Membership (annual renewal) - £35
Senior Full Membership (annual renewal over 65 years of age) - £10
Associate Membership - Club House facilities only. Annual renewal - £20
All Boats per Hull Foot (hard standing or mooring inclusive of storage for one dinghy) - £17
Trailer Boats per Hull Foot (up to and including length inclusive of trailer storage) - £17
Trailer/Dinghy Storage (Where boat is kept else where) - £10/per week
Yard Levy (20 hours logged in levy book) - £200
Crown Estates charge - £14
Yard & Pontoon Facilities Insurance - £35

Boat Insurance

A valid certificate of Boat Insurance must be shown when paying fees.

Slipways and hoist charges 2019-2020

Boat Hoist FGWSC All Members £40 in / £40 out
Boat Hoist Non FGWSC Members £80 in / £80 out
Use of Slipway Non FGWSC Members £10 per tide
Use of Tractor All FGWSC Members per move £20
Use of Tractor Non FGWSC Members per move £40
Non FGWSC Members Using Own Vehicle to launch / retrieve boat from slipway £20
Crane Lift, Engines / Masts (£20) Boats (£40)

Non Members Fees 2019-2020

Lift Out £80
Lift In £80
Use of hot wash £20
Daily storage in cradle £25
Work completed as soon as possible.
(prices include VAT @ 20%)

Management Commitee
April 2019